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About the Chakras

Chakras are energy wheels along your spine. There are 7 main chakras (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown) that are said to be tied to physical and emotional problems in the body. Analyzing what is happening with your chakras (how they react when you are in stressful situations) is a powerful way to tune into your mind, body, and spirit. When one of your chakras is out of balance, you can program your bracelet to help you focus positive energy to rebalance and open that chakra.


Honors the Earth

The first chakra is red, is located at the base of the spine (in front of the tailbone). Its element is Earth and it is associated with the sense of smell. The Base Chakra affects the feet, legs, hips, joints, lower intestine, bones, sacrum, and digestive system. The Base Chakra influences such aspects of our lives like Sexuality, obsession, survival, and security. It is what grounds us to our family and friends. Our available gemstones for the Root Chakra include: Hematite, Red Jasper, Brecciated Jasper, and Black Opal.

Honors the Creative

The second chakra is orange and is located just below the navel. Its element is water and it is associated with the sense of taste. The Sacral Chakra affects the reproductive organs, sacral nerve, lower back, pelvis, and abdomen. The Sacral Chakra influences our emotions, movements, desires, attractions, feelings, pleasure, relationships, creativity, fertility, confidence, enthusiasm, joy, and connection to individuals (in short, all that we love to do). Our available gemstones for the Sacral Chakra include: Carnelian, Moonstone, Pearl, and Sun Stone.

Honors the Life Force

The third chakra is yellow and is located at the base of the rib cage. Its element is fire and it is associated with the sense of sight. The Solar Plexus Chakra affects the stomach, digestive organs, adrenal glands, liver, kidney, spleen, pancreas, middle back, and solar nerve plexus. It influences our power, confidence, energy, self-esteem, will ego, metabolic system, emotions and our ability to make things happen. The available gemstones for the Solar Plexus Chakra include: Tiger’s Eye and Citrine.

Honors the Heart

The fourth chakra is green or pink and is located just behind the heart. Its element is air and it is associated with the sense of touch. The Middle Chakra, it connects both sides of the chakras together (3 Earthly chakras below the heart and the spiritual chakras above the heart). The Heart Chakra affects the Thymus Gland, cardiac, nerve plexus, heart, lungs, shoulders, arms, breasts, circulatory system and the immune system. It influences our love, compassion, empathy, kindness, balance, peace, power, tenderness, self-love, trust, relationships and adventure. Our available gemstones include: Green Aventurine, Chrysocolla, Rose Quartz, Green Malachite, and Unakite.


Honors Communication

The fifth chakra is blue (light blue) and located just behind the throat (at the back of the neck). Its element is sound and it is associated with the sense of hearing. The Throat Chakra affects the throat, trachea, neck, thyroid glands, pharyngeal, nerve plexus, mouth, and respiratory system. It influences our speaking, voice, writing, drawing, communication, truth, listening and hearing, impulses, expressions, creativity, will, responsibility, leadership, freedom, independence, and security. Our available natural stones include Turquoise and Angelite.


Honors the Psychic

The sixth chakra is indigo (dark blue) and is located an inch above our brow line. The Third Eye Chakra affects our pituitary glands, pineal glands, carotid nerve, and the plexus. It influences our intuition, imagination, perception, dreams, thinking psychic vision, clarity, mind, ideas, inner guidance and thoughts. Our available natural stones include Lapis Lazuli and Old Blue Sodalite.


Honors the Spiritual Connectedness

The seventh chakra is violet and is located at the crown of the head. The Crown Chakra affects our brain, nervous system, cerebral cortex, pituitary glands, and the pineal glands. It influences out spirituality, intelligence, divinity, thoughts, consciousness, wisdom, optimism, awareness, unity, karma, enlightenment, and unity. Our available stones include Amethyst, Labrodorite, and Moonstone.


Works to balance and harmonize the environment

The master crystal (Clear Quartz) is an all purpose master healer which enhances energy on all levels. The Clear Crystal can be used in place of any chakra or gem. It amplifies healing energies, draws out pain, and fortifies and strengthens healing work on all levels. Is is an excellent stone for meditation, manifesting, healing, and providing direction. Clear quartz works to balance and harmonize the environment. It will clear, energize, and amplify other crystals.

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