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Me1st Self-Care App

As women, we are the backbones for our families, businesses, and communities. We are the caregivers, nurturers, and problem solvers for those around us, just to name a few of the many hats we are called to wear.

If any of these scenarios ring a bell, then Me1st is coming to help you get back to loving on YOU so that you can love on those around you better.  It’s more than an app, its a movement!

  • Frustrated and need a break from everyone and everything?
  • So tired at the end of the day that you just fall into bed exhausted?
  • Don’t remember the last time you did something just for yourself?
  • Feel guilty even THINKING about taking time away from everyone and everything to focus on you?
  • Don’t think you have enough time for self-care in your busy day?
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