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I am at Peace

Repeat these affirmations to yourself each morning. Pick the ones that resonate with your spirit.
  • I am calm and collected.
  • I meditate regularly to cultivate mindfulness, self-awareness, and peace of mind.
  • I breathe deeply. Each inhalation makes me feel strong. Each exhalation makes me feel grounded.
  • I slow down. I take a break between tasks to catch my breath and renew my energy.
  • I arrive at the office 15 minutes early so I can sit down with a cup of coffee and plan my day.
  • I clear away clutter. I think more clearly when my surroundings are in order. I start each workday with a clean desk.
  • I free up space on my kitchen counters by relocating anything nonessential.
  • I set realistic expectations.
  • I understand my strengths and limits.
  • I work towards goals that are challenging and realistic for me.
  • I live according to my own values instead of comparing myself to others.
  • I pursue my own definition of success.
  • I stay physically active. Exercise soothes my body and mind.
  • A healthy lifestyle lifts my spirits and helps to protect me from illness and injury.
  • I develop mutually supportive relationships.
  • I communicate honestly and express my feelings.
  • I share encouragement and validation.
  • I spend time with family and friends having meaningful conversations and participating in fun activities.
  • I disconnect from technology at least once each day.
  • I turn off my phone during family meals and one hour before bed.
  • Today, I experience peace and contentment.
  • I treat myself and others with compassion.
  • My inner tranquility deepens and grows.

Self-Reflection Time

Get your D&L Journal out and write the answers to these questions:
  1. What are 3 words I associate with being calm?
  2. What is one new relaxation practice that I want to try?
  3. How can I stay calm during my morning commute?

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