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Sexy Summer Feet All Year Long

This isn't just for the ladies! Fellas, we love when you have nice feet too! During the summer months, we take exceptional care of our feet. Pedicures every week or two to make sure our feet stay ready for those strappy sandals we love to wear. But what about during those colder fall and winter months?  Good foot care is important to an overall health plan so let's make sure that the regimen we follow in the summer, is extended into the colder months!  Sandals or not, sexy feet is always in season! Here are a few foot care tips to help you maintain your summer time sexy feet all year long.



  • Apply a thick lotion, butter, or balm to clean feet before bedtime and wear socks to bed. In the morning, the balm will have absorbed into your feet leaving them soft and supple. Make sure to dry the area between your toes; too much moisture between your toes can result in fungus!
  • Give yourself a pedicure and keep your toe nails trimmed.  Even though we are wearing socks and boots in the winter, our feet still deserve to be treated to a pedicure every two weeks. If you don't want to do your own pedicure, find a reputable salon that uses NEW/STERILE tools and a bowl cover so your feet are not going into the actual basin itself.
  • During your pedicure, be sure to use a pumice stone on your damp heels to slough off any dead skin. This will reveal healthy, soft skin underneath. Be sure not to overscrub to where your feet become sensitive.
  • Treat yourself to a foot massage.  This will keep the blood circulating in your feet and will help reduce the stress and pain that we put our feet through on the daily! #FeetMatter
  • Attend to food problems immediately. For ingrown toenails, cut the nail straight across. Carefully lift the ingrown portion of the toe and slide cotton under it. This will stop the ingrown toenail from going deeper into your skin. You should change the cotton ball daily to keep the area clean.  Keep the toe wrapped while it is healing to make sure it does not get infected. And of course, if you see any sign of infection, see a doctor immediately!
Our Sexy Summer Feet kit includes all the tools that you need to keep your feet soft, moisturized, and oh so sexy all year around!

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