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Show Yourself Some Love

What would your life be like if you treated yourself like your best friend? After all, your attitude towards yourself shapes your daily reality.

When you're kind to yourself, you have more strength and resilience to deal with difficult times. You may even find yourself attracting more affection from others when you love yourself wholeheartedly. Accepting yourself brings you closer to discovering your inner beauty and sharing it with the world.

Pursue your own passions instead of comparing yourself to others or blindly following external expectations.

Study these 14 ways to help you let go of judgement and see your worth.

Taking Care of Yourself:

  1. Eat healthy. Self-care is one aspect of loving yourself, and following a balanced diet is fundamental. Get most of your calories from nutritious whole foods including vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats.


  2. Exercise regularly. Work out at least 3 days a week to strengthen your heart and muscles and increase your balance and flexibility. Incorporate more physical activity into your day by biking to work or doing chores manually.
  3. Sleep well. Give your body adequate sleep and rest. Go to bed at the same time each night and invest in ergonomic bedding that supports proper posture.
  4. Schedule playtime. Take a break from being serious. Playing board games or sharing a laugh helps you to engage with others and stay mentally sharp.
  5. Change your self-talk. Do you speak harshly to yourself? Switch to words and messages that will encourage and inspire you.
  6. Stay connected. Surround yourself with supportive family and friends. Eat dinner together as a family so you can share wholesome meals and pleasant conversation. Arrange weekly dates with friends for coffee or lunch.
  7. Ask for help. Reach out for assistance when you need it. Let others know what they can do to help you resolve any challenging situation. Relationships are about give and take.

Believing in Yourself:

  1. Build trust. Follow through on the promises you make to yourself and know that you can deal with life's ups and downs. Have faith in your talents and strengths.


  2. Practice forgiveness. Pardon yourself and others for past disappointments. Acknowledge that each of us messes up sometimes. Look at mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow instead of beating up on yourself.
  3. Set goals. Give yourself something to work towards. Design goals that are challenging and realistic. Write them down and share them with others to increase your sense of accountability. Well-defined goals can motivate you to achieve more. And make sure you celebrate when you achieve your goals.

Other Tips for Loving Yourself:

  1. Be authentic. Take satisfaction in being true to yourself. Welcome feedback from others but trust your instincts and make your own decisions.
  2. Develop gratitude. Being thankful makes you happier and boosts your self-esteem. Keep a gratitude journal or meditate on the positive aspects of your life. Express your appreciation to others by letting them know how much their kindness means to you and using it to motivate you to act generously too.
  3. Do meaningful work. Spend your time on activities that align with your values and purpose in life. Think about what you find most fulfilling about your job. You might also find gratification in hobbies, volunteering, or other areas apart from your career.
  4. Ask spiritual questions. While you're nurturing your body and mind, pay attention to your spirituality as well. Your faith can provide a strong foundation for understanding and loving yourself.

Make your relationship with yourself a top priority. Take care of your needs and show yourself the same love and respect you would have for anyone you cherish.

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